EcoLogo was originally created through the Canadian government in 1988 as a third-party certification program. It is now managed by Terrachoice, while Terrachoice is managed by UL Environment. EcoLogo is a multi-attribute certificate which covers 60 product categories, including: electricity products, automotive related products, marine products, etc. EcoLogo covers 250 product types through 122 certification criteria documents (CCDs) . The meetings to develop these documents are said to be public and open with the inclusion of a variety of stakeholders: open to user groups, product producers, government/regulators, academia, ENGOs, and other environmental entities. Unannounced auditors are able to review quality control and production records to verify a product meets certification criteria. At the bottom of this logo, you may find UL and a number code, this is referring to a specific certification.

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