The queryChain project is in NO way affiliated with the certificates listed in our library.
The certificates listed are for informational purposes only.

Developed as a platform to help consumers understand what environmental and social certificates are in actuality. Our platform is heavily influenced by the economic concept "perfect information". We believe that through quantifying these certificates, we are able to offer a more ideal environment for quality certificates to exist.

For example, if we were to look at 3 certificates(one of higher quality, one of medium quality, and one of lower quality) held at the same price, it's possible to make an assumption they're similar in totality, but by doing so, we would overlook that the higher standard actually encompasses the two that follow and builds off of them.

Below you can find the queryChain app on Google Play, which uses an image recognition model to quickly identify the certificate you're looking at. This application is open-source, and intended to be modular.

Anyone is able to contribute, but all claims must be sourced.
Donations are also accepted.

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